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  • My Home Finds From Amazon

    My Home Finds From Amazon

    When I was decorating my new home, I honestly didn’t have time or want to run around to a million stores. I needed almost everything because let me tell ya, moving anything 1300+ miles is NOT an easy or inexpensive task, lol..

  • Making Friends in a New State

    Making Friends in a New State

    Making friends has never been a difficult thing for me. True friends on the other hand, that’s a different story. But I always had people to hang out with growing up because I was always in sports or doing some activity.

  • The Backroad Babe

    The Backroad Babe

    Once I graduated, I was over the city life and all I wanted to do was go back home. I realized very quickly when I went to school that I was and will always be a small town girl. When I came home, something changed in my style. I started experimenting with aztec patterns, turquoise…

  • I Moved to Texas, Kind Of..

    I Moved to Texas, Kind Of..

    I had finally made it but nothing good ever comes easy, right? So we got to work looking for a new house + cancelling everything being delivered to the original house (NOT EASY LOL). The next day I found another house that will be PERFECT for the boutique. God knew what He was doing, as…