My Favorite Personal Development Books

As a business owner, you give a lot of yourself to others every. single. day. That being said, it’s so important to fill your own cup.

I’ve honestly never been much of a reader until the last few weeks. I’d pick up a fiction book every now and then (and I definitely read all the Nancy Drew books) but I really wanted a mindless hobby that was still productive.

Why is reading good for you? Reading is good for you because it improves your focus, memory, empathy, and communication skills. It can reduce stress, improve your mental health, and help you live longer. Reading also allows you to learn new things to help you succeed in your work and relationships. 

Cited from: Oberlo

The new addition to my morning routine is reading at least 10-15 pages of a personal development book. I’m currently reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

Personal development books are definitely dense and can be a little tougher to read but I try to go to them slowly. I love to have a highlighter with me when I’m reading and sticky notes or a journal to take notes or highlight the important parts or pages I want to come back to.

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