Making Friends in a New State

Making friends has never been a difficult thing for me. True friends on the other hand, that’s a different story. But I always had people to hang out with growing up because I was always in sports or doing some activity.

When we’re growing up we have a lot of “situational friendships” or friendships that happen just because you share a current commonality. Maybe you’re on the same basketball team or take the same class. Whatever it is, it brings you together with people you can tolerate or find a common interest with so you bond and become “friends”. Then you move on to the next stage of life and…BOOM. You never hear from them again. Sound familiar? Yep.

As we get older, the more isolated you become. Now in a post-COVID world, it’s even worse. I literally would not need to leave my house if I didn’t want to. There’s home workouts, home grocery delivery, I work from home, etc., etc., etc. This world has even become a little too introverted for the introverts, lol.

Throw in moving 1300+ miles away from all your friends and family and everything you’ve known for the last 24 years, that can be a little intimidating.

But I promise, it’s easier to make friends than you think. So, here’s some of my tips.

Join Groups that Interest You

When you move to a new city, they usually have a website or Facebook page/group where they will post different events or groups that you can join whether you like sports or whatever! I joined a life group through my church and that has been the best decision so far. Not only am I surrounded by just really good people, but they’re people that help me be a better person, too.

Use Social Media

We have the world in our fingertips with social media. Yes, I might have a slight advantage because I have a lot of followers but with the right keyword searches or following people/places/things in your area, you can probably find someone..and don’t be scared to reach out to them. I met my best friends Jess and Casey because Jess knew me from Tiktok and invited me to a Koe concert. Don’t be scared to take chances!

Get Off Your Phone

Okay, this is my #1 tip. So often, we get nervous and shy in places so..we resort to our phones. I’ve gotten to meet so many people because my face wasn’t glued to my phone and I wasn’t scared to strike up a conversation. Trust me, everyone still feels at least a little lonely right now and 9/10 they’d LOVE to chat with you! You never know the connections you’ll make.. even if it’s not a “friend” but a work connection or just future mentor in life!!

Honestly, yeah..moving was very scary. I left everything and everyone I knew behind because I was drawn to a place. Since being here, I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been and feel so at home. There are still days where it’s hard and I wish I could just call my friends to come hang out, but you pick up new hobbies and activities.. and the new friendships you make are SO worth it.



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