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Morgan Phillips gives you the hot take on the western industry from things that are trending in fashion all the way to the dirty details on mucking out the stalls. This podcast is for the ranchers, the farmers, the fashion influencers, or the wanna-be’ers. Morgan’s here to show you that “my western way” doesn’t have to look anything like your western way and that is totally okay. Whether you bought the buckle or you won it, you’re welcome here. As Shania Twain once said, “Let’s Go Girls”…


  • Upcoming Fashion Trends

    Okay, I’m sitting here in the Las Vegas airport thinking back on the last few days. It was so fun to get to bring my mom to MAGIC with me and have her experience what it’s like. I had her on the podcast to recap, listen here. I wanted to break down the top trends […]


  • My Home Finds From Amazon

    When I was decorating my new home, I honestly didn’t have time or want to run around to a million stores. I needed almost everything because let me tell ya, moving anything 1300+ miles is NOT an easy or inexpensive task, lol..


  • Making Friends in a New State

    Making friends has never been a difficult thing for me. True friends on the other hand, that’s a different story. But I always had people to hang out with growing up because I was always in sports or doing some activity.


  • I’m Moving to Texas

    I recently just came across a picture from 2018 where I had a gold Texas state shaped necklace on. Funny how things come full circle. 2017 was the first time I visited when I just KNEW I had to live there.